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Types of Bathroom Vanities You Need to Know

This could be for a single sink, a double sink vanity right up to a double bathroom vanity.

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A great vanity will provide you with a comfortable spot for not only storing items but also for securing a great sink. In fact, many bathroom vanities are designed with some classy features all around to create some elaborate looks.

However, in order to have a quality bathroom vanity, you have to watch for what you are installing. You must choose a quality traditional vanity, a more modern vanity, or a free standing vanity that is not only appealing in its design but also fully functional. Whichever vanity style you prefer, it has to be made with the proper materials to keep it standing tall.

A vanity can especially be made with a refined or modern look depending on what you prefer. Also, the price of your vanity can vary based on what you choose but you should be prepared to spend quite a bit on one of these top-quality options.

There are a few different types of bathroom vanities worth exploring in detail for any kind of custom bathroom space you want to establish. Let’s take a closer look at how each of these vanities can work for your needs.

Types of Bathroom Vanities

1. Pedestal Sink

A pedestal sink option is also known as a free standing sink. This does not have any particular storage features around its body but it does come with a powerful look that adds a sense of class to any bathroom. It can fit in well with any kind of bathroom but it can also go along with any theme you want to establish.

2. Free Standing

A free-standing vanity is designed with some of the same functional features as a pedestal sink but instead offers a square or rectangular look. It can support one or two sinks in a spot. This is a great option that is available in a variety of design choices and finishes. Wood materials are typically used on most of these vanities although some ceramic items can be found around the top areas.

3. Wall Mounted/Floating

A wall-mounted vanity is a little different in that it is directly mounted onto your walled surface in your bathroom. This is great for how it can fit in well within your bathroom and not take up loads of space in the process. In addition, it does not have to be connected directly to your floor. Still, you should be cautious for how you plan on using it. It could be hurt by any thrusts or other forms of force added onto the surface. Excess force can cause the vanity to fall off of the wall and cause damage to your bathroom if you are not careful enough with it.

4. Vessel

A vessel vanity is something often found in fancy restaurants and hotel lobbies. This is a vanity that uses a rising bowl around the sink area. It protrudes from out of the main body of the vanity and is linked to its own separate tap. There are storage spots on the bottom part like with anything else but the sink on its own will have a fancier look to it. This is a beautiful choice to have but it can take up quite a bit of space depending on what you plan on using with it.

5. Under-Mounted Sink

An under-mounted sink vanity uses a basin that is built directly inside of the vanity. This adds a more refined and modern look to the vanity as it offers a flatter appearance overall. Sometimes a slight riser can be found around the outside edges of the basin to create a special look all the way through. This is an attractive choice although the under-mounted design does keep the vanity from having as much storage space as some other choices. Still, it is a tradeoff for having an option that has a nice total design to it that adds a refined design.

6. Vanity Cabinet

The last of the options to see is a vanity cabinet. This is designed with a series of pull-out doors similar to what you might find out of a more traditional kitchen cabinet. This is made with a classic design that is attractive and gives off a nice tone when used right. It also serves as an appropriate basic option for your design needs that isn’t too complicated or rough to add to a space.