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Bathroom and kitchen faucets, according to a plumbing contractor I've got last month to check on my bathroom and kitchen repairs in order to do some home improvement for my bathroom and kitchen. It turned out to be kind of pricey project for my budget , I found out I will have to have a budget around 3000 dollars at least to replace my bathroom sink and faucet. Not to mention I needed to get a new kitchen fire clay farmhouse sink along with a faucet that has a bronze pull down sprayer to fit my kitchen's style but my finances would not allow me to do all of this.


Luckily I have friends to ask them about that bathroom remodeling subject and one of them told me something new to me and it was my first time to know about it, it proved to be a priceless advice saved to me more than half of my budget.


She was an experienced shopper more than myself and here advice was to shop at clearance and closeouts home improvement outlet or warehouse before trying to buy a sink or faucet at a regular retail store!

Those are stores where I can buy anything I need for my house repairs and remodeling for a discounted price. Lesser prices than regular retail big names stores. This advice worked very well for me, I didn't need the contractor to quote a price for everything. All I needed is him to give me a quote for his plumbing work and write down what he will need of plumbing supplies or hardware. Of course he had his tools to do the job so this part was a less maters to worry about myself , I wasn't going to do the job myself as if I was an experienced do it yourself person DIY er .


I was a little skeptic so I did a Google search online for faucets closeouts sale



Plumbing Fixtures Discounted Liquidation and Closeout Prices


I was amazed by what I've found almost flabbergasted!


I found a home improvement discount store and warehouse online outlet, now I can buy all my bathroom and kitchen's fixtures for a real considerable discount. A price more than 50% cheaper than those very famous retail stores. So, why are prices are much lesser ? I was concerned regarding quality too not just an affordable price since I'm not going to jeopardize my faucets quality . Are they fake faucets brands? or are they a non branded generic plumbing fixtures ? so i decided to read more about this matter and here hat I've found out and I'm sharing it with everyone.


bathroom and kitchen faucets

At first I thought I might find a little discount since I thought it would be another retailer or a plumbing fixtures and facets distributor store but the truth it was a real clearance outlet dedicated to home improvements and house repair supply. They had much more than what I thought. I've found so much fixtures for all of my home renovation! Plumbing fixtures of bathroom and kitchen faucets , bathtubs and shower systems and all related trim parts for repair or replacements, light fixtures for my bathroom vanity. Any room in my house including my bedroom not just my kitchen's ceiling lights.

I found paint and flooring materials too, I thought I'm not going to find some missing door knobs and hardware for my kitchen cabinets since I thought it will be a plumbing fixtures clearance only. For my total surprise I've found that they have almost everything I needed and much more just like those famous retailers , still at first it was hard to understand how they can have all of those items on clearance sale at the same time!. They sell faucets for a real cheap price and they are the same faucets I've checked their prices at a big name famous retailer sore so I had to as them about that matter and their answer was


We are Specialized in clearance , overstock and surplus discount, liquidation and discontinued products for home and commercial property improvements.

We buy bulk lots by the truck load of surplus discontinued or clearance faucets for kitchen and bathroom. Also sinks or bathtub and shower along with all other types of plumbing supplies and lighting fixtures, building materials, appliances, tools and everything else related to home improvement and remodeling then pass the saving to the public in our online store or our local warehouse outlet store.Homeowners or DIYer home maintenance and contractors are always welcome to take a chance on our cheaper inexpensive prices. We offer same products for less price than major home improvement big box name stores.

Now I understand how home improvement money saving works, a contractor or a builder would buy faucets and other plumbing fixtures such as bathroom faucets for a big discount on clearance then install it in the customer's house but the customer would think it is really expensive since most of normal customers would price them first at a regular big brand name home improvement retail store.


What bath and kitchen faucets brands I've found on closeouts clearance sale?

I found brands famous for their high quality and durability, I even found luxurious high end faucets brands I used to think I will never be able to have this in my bathroom. Here are some of brand name faucets I've found on clearance sale and I bought some to my sister's bathroom too since she needed to replace here shower head but we got a whole new shower system and hand held shower for a lesser price.


Grohe faucets clearnce 

This will be in my next articular on how to be productive by saving money on your home improvement budget.



Kitchen and bathroom faucets discount sale online : clearance and closeouts of discontinued faucets surplus stock nickel chrome bronze brass gold - polished and satin or prushed for bathroom sinks and kitchen sinks

faucets : clearance and closeout stock

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