NSI Industries Hvy Wall Heat Shrink, 12 in. 8-2, PK3


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Easy-Splice Heavy Wall Heat Shrink 8-2 AWG, 12 Inch - 3 Count Made of specially formulated polyolefin irradiated and thermally stabilized to give the material "elastic memory". When a proper amount of heat is directly applied to the shrink sleeve, it will permanently shrink to its original unexpanded diameter tightly cover and "mold" itself into irregular shapes. The interior sleeve is coated with an adhesive that assures a watertight seal after shrinking. For use on standard poly- or elastomeric-insulated/ jacketed cables or lead-jacketed cables, which may include aluminum or steel armoring. RUS accepted for use as a secondary tap or splice cover. May be used for jacket repair on cables up to 35 kV. Qualified to ANSI C119.1-1986 for underground splicing. Insulate and seal buried electrical connections rated up to 1,000 volts. UL 486D Listed, CSA C22.2. Temperature Rating: 121-135 degrees C, 1,000V. CONNECTORS UP TO 6 INCHES: Recommended cut length = Connector length + 4 inches. CONNECTORS OVER 6 INCHES: Recommended cut length = Connector length + 5 inches.

Condition: New
Condition: New
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