Unison Aero Wireless Smart Space Theater Lighting Controller - 120/347V UASSC


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405-609-6650Unison Aero SmartSpace Controller

Unison Aero SmartSpace Controller offers fully-rated 20A relay to switch lights on and off. Its 0 to 10V dimming lines provide direct connection to compatible fluorescent dimming ballasts and LED drivers.
Series: Unison Aero Power
Model: UASSC
  • Supports Unison Aero SmartClick stations and SimpleTap sensors
  • 20A fully-rated relay
  • 0 to 10V dimming for direct connection to dimming ballasts and LED Drivers
  • 24Vdc for wired occupancy sensors
  • Accepts contact closure trigger

Condition: New
Oct 06, 2022 - UNISON AERO clearance sale - , ON SALE TODAY

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