Bradford White Electronic Module 239-41383-00


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Honeywell Clearance discontinued new/old stock closeout or open box products. Cheap price surplus liquidation.

BWC 239-41383-00 Electronic Module for Bradford White Commercial Water Heater Models D38T-D100


NOTE: This part replaces 233-42909-00

  • D38T155(E) *(N,X)
  • D75T125 *(N,X) Models
  • D75T150 *(N,X) Models
  • D80T180(E) *(N,X) Models
  • D80T199(E) *(N,X) Models
  • D80T250(E) *(N,X)(A) Models
  • D75T300(E) *(N,X)(A) Models
  • D100S250(E) *(N,X)(A) Models
  • D100S199(E) *(N,X) Models
  • D100L199(E) *(N,X) Models
  • D100L250(E) *(N,X)(A) Models
  • D100L270(E) *N(A) Models
  • D100L300(E) *(N,X)(A) Models
  • D80L399(E) *(N,X)(A) Models
  • D80L450 *(N,X)(A) Models
  • D80L505 *(N,X)(A) Models
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Dec 09, 2021 Price Discount - (CLEARANCE) of Honeywell discontinued or open box Heater & Parts - surplus closeouts liquidation .Inexpensive and affordable cheap price. On sale